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The emotional weight of a family law case can be a heavy burden to bear. At Emmerth Divorce Law, PLLC, my goal is to help you make the decisions right for you. When your family's structure is threatened by a divorce, a child custody dispute, or another related issue in Naperville, Illinois, discover how I can be your dedicated legal partner. From my office in Warrenville, I proudly represent clients in the surrounding areas of Hinsdale, St. Charles, and Oak Brook. Reach out to me when you're ready to start paving a path forward.

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Attorney Joseph Emmerth

Joseph Emmerth

Attorney at Law

I've always known I wanted to help others for a living. In 1999, I received my master's degree in counseling in order to start putting my dreams into action. However, it was through clerking for my divorce professor in law school that my true purpose clicked. I knew then that I wanted to spend my life helping people and their families seek solutions to some of their toughest moments. Since earning my J.D. in 2005, I've represented countless clients in matters such as divorce—including international divorce— property division, and more. I also released my first book, "Winning Your Divorce: The Top Ten Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them," in 2017. If you live in the Naperville, Illinois, area and are concerned about an issue of family law, let me be the one to guide you through it.


What I Bring to the Table

Empathetic & Accessible Service

I've worked with countless clients whose previous attorneys failed to prioritize communication. That's not how I do things at Emmerth Divorce Law, PLLC. I understand the stress you're likely under, which is why I do my best to be readily available to you and respond to your needs in a timely fashion.

Advice Based on Your Best Interests

I don't believe in taking on a large caseload for the sole purpose of a paycheck. If you come to me for legal guidance, and I believe you don't necessarily need my services, I'll tell you. You're a person, not an ATM. I'll treat you with respect and provide you with my honest recommendation for how to proceed.

Hear From My Clients

Seek the Fresh Start You Deserve

When a legal issue has the ability to impact not only your life, but also the lives of those you love, you need a true professional in your corner. At Emmerth Divorce Law, PLLC, I represent clients dealing with problems like international divorce, child support, and property division in Naperville, Illinois. Tell me when you're ready to fight for the results you need to protect your family members and move forward with confidence.

It is perfectly understandable to be overwhelmed by a case of family law. However, being emotionally exhausted does not always bode well for your decision-making skills. That's where I come in. By acting as your neutral legal partner, my job is to help you clearly understand your options and choose a strategy that best aligns with your goals.

In my opinion, it's never too late to start winning. If another attorney didn't provide you with the service you deserve, don't lose hope. Reach out to me at Emmerth Divorce Law, PLLC for dedicated legal counsel. Whether you're looking to protect your assets with a prenuptial agreement or fight for custody of your child, I'm prepared to put my experience to work for you. A brighter future is possible. Allow me to help you pursue it.

I treat my clients like family as they work to protect theirs. Schedule a consultation with me in Warrenville, Illinois, to start telling your story. I'm ready to help you create a plan geared toward making your family's legal problem a thing of the past. Contact me today if you live in Naperville, Hinsdale, St. Charles, or Oak Brook. Let's seek a solution together.