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How to Protect Your Finances in An Illinois Divorce

Divorce has the potential to devastate your personal finances. If you have already filed for divorce or if you and your spouse are nearing a divorce, there are some important steps to take to protect your finances.

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Planning for Your Child’s College Expenses After Divorce

Illinois winters have the potential to be quite depressing. We hardly get any sunshine, the days are egregiously short and the cold is nearly unbearable.

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Tip #2: If You Want to Spend Time with Your Kids, Don’t Leave Them!

For those of you who have children, leaving the marital residence has awful implications. Unless you're taking the children with you or unless there is already a parenting plan of some sort in place, by leaving the marital residence you have almost guaranteed that you are not going to be seeing your children as much.

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Tip #4: You Are Not an Atm.

One of the most critical areas at the beginning of a divorce are your financial accounts. If your wife files for divorce, or if you are planning for filing for divorce you need to lock these accounts down immediately.

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Tip #5: How “Social” Can You Afford to Be?

One area that is increasingly more critical every year, is social media accounts. The rise and pervasiveness of social media over the past five years has been nothing short of frightening.

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Tip #1: Don’t Move out Of the House, or You’ll “Pay” for It.

When men come in for a divorce consultation, or just seek advice about how to plan for a divorce, they've already taken steps to leave the marital residence. This is one of the most common financial mistakes men make. Don't do it!

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