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If you've recently decided your marriage needs to come to an end, you're likely experiencing a wide range of emotions. You may be devastated, angry, relieved, or a combination of all three. No matter how you're feeling, you'll need a skilled attorney to help you navigate your divorce.

Let me take on your stresses when it comes to the dissolution of your marriage. At my firm—Emmerth Divorce Law, PLLC—I represent clients throughout the Naperville area as they pursue fresh starts following divorce. I understand the complexities of Illinois divorce law, and I'm prepared to use what I know to answer your questions and advocate on your behalf. Contact my office in Warrenville today to get started. I also serve clients in Hinsdale, St. Charles, and Oak Brook.

Your Divorce Options in Illinois

Everyone's divorce process is different, as each is based on the unique situations and issues involved. Depending on you and your spouse's willingness to communicate and collaborate on a resolution, your divorce can be as complicated as you make it. Illinois divorces often fall into one of three categories: uncontested, contested, and default.

Uncontested Divorce

Couples entering into an uncontested divorce proceeding often end things on amicable terms. In these cases, both spouses work together in order to settle their divorce outside of court. They may use alternative dispute resolution techniques like mediation or arbitration to determine aspects such as property division and child custody arrangements.

Once a mutually determined agreement has been created, the spouses will collectively hire an attorney, who will ensure the settlement meets all statutory obligations and requirements. Their attorney will also prepare the final agreements and paperwork before filing the case with the court, as well as attend the couple's final court hearing where their marriage will be legally dissolved.

Contested Divorce

Not everyone is able to resolve their divorce case without the need for litigation. If you and your spouse cannot agree on certain terms of your divorce settlement, you may have to resort to a court proceeding. Luckily, you don't have to go through divorce litigation alone. At Emmerth Divorce Law, PLLC, I've been representing divorce cases since 2005, giving me knowledgeable insight into the process.

If your spouse is making it difficult to move forward, get in touch with me. I understand tensions are probably running high, which is why I aim to provide you with unbiased advice tailored to your needs. Let's work together to put your divorce behind you so you can start fresh.

Going Through a Divorce in Illinois?

Default Divorce

In some cases, one spouse may fail to respond to a divorce petition, giving the other spouse the option to pursue a default judgment. If you choose to enter a default judgment, the judge in your case may grant your requests on aspects such as child custody and the division of property.

In default divorces, a judge can require the absent spouse to pay alimony or child support. However, it may be difficult to collect said payments if the spouse cannot be located.

Post-Divorce Modifications

If a change in circumstances has prompted you to seek an update on the terms of your divorce, get in touch with me at Emmerth Divorce Law, PLLC. I'm ready to walk you through the necessary legal steps. Together, we can reassess the arrangements you've made regarding child custody, child support, spousal support, and more.

Post-divorce modifications often revolve around changes to the best interests of the children involved. For example, a change of school might cause a parent to seek a new custody agreement. No matter what's motivated you to pursue an update to your divorce agreement, I want to help you pursue the results that best fit your needs and the needs of your child.

Start Your Next Chapter

Divorce is never easy, but working with the right attorney can make things easier. At Emmerth Divorce Law, PLLC, I often advise my clients to treat their cases like business decisions. You need to act in your best interests, despite the overwhelming emotions you may be feeling. I'm ready to help you do so.

Contact my office in Warrenville, Illinois, to request a consultation of your case. I'll be here to listen as you describe your situation and desired outcome. Using my years of experience, I'll work with you to strategize a plan of action. Don't wait any longer to pursue the brighter future you deserve. If you live in Naperville, Hinsdale, St. Charles, or Oak Brook, reach out to me today for dedicated legal guidance.

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Whether you need to file for divorce or make updates to your child custody or alimony agreement, I'm ready to help you seek your desired outcome. Contact me today at Emmerth Divorce Law, PLLC in Naperville for the knowledgeable and compassionate counsel you deserve.