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  • If you want a lawyer who cares enough to tell it to you straight (what the law really says, likely outcomes, the best approach to resolve), someone who focuses on bringing closure to your current legal situation, and someone who makes the process as painless as it possibly can be, hire Joe! 

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  • I was in the middle of a horrible divorce and had just fired my first lawyer when I met with Joe. He brought a sense of calm to the chaos that was going on, and sat down with me to develop a strategy and plan to achieve my goals. The rest of my divorce went much more smoothly and ended very well …

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  • I retained Mr. Emmerth for my divorce and he was GREAT. He talked me thru everything and made sure I understood what I was reading. I really felt he was looking out for me. I am very pleased with my settlement and when thing were not going so good he made me feel at ease. He also talks to you and…

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  • Joseph was helpful and professional from the first phone call to the last email. My parentage case was less than enjoyable and at times, quite a headache. He handled every annoyance that came around with great candor and care. Joseph never misguided me. Even if the result was not exactly what I w…

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  • My case was challenging in that I had been married a relatively short amount of time (< 5 years) and was willing to leave my ex-wife with some money to help her land on her feet. Joe was sympathetic to my case right away and understood my own emotional struggle with the process. He was very up…

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  • My particular case involved numerous moving parts across international boundaries. Despite these added elements of confusion, the process went extremely smooth. Joseph helped to efficiently and effectively navigate the complexities and we arrived at the desired outcome. Thorough, buttoned-up, pre…

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  • Joe is helpful, honest, hardworking lawyer. He did a good job of explaining the process and gave great advice on how to handle specific situations. The process is not an easy one, it involves several pieces which also includes allocation of the parenting time, financial disclosure, and the final …

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  • While (like anyone) I’d much rather avoid legal issues, Joe Emmerth brings calm and competence to the entire process. I hired him to quash an emergency subpoena, which he shut down quickly and successfully—and recovered my legal expenses and time off work. My fiancé and I were pleased with his wo…

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